Samsung VG-STSM11B Studio Stand for 55" & 65" Q Series TVs


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Cabinet Free
Design your space with the ultra-modern easel style stand. Remove that clunky cabinet and modernise your interior. The Studio stand can be placed directly on the floor so you no longer need any additional furniture cluttering your living space.

Hidden Cables
Avoid clutter with cables concealed within the stand leg. Gone is the clutter of multiple cables connecting to the TV. With both cables feeding through the stand leg you can ensure your living space is kept clean, clear and clutter free.

Unique Design
Personalise your TV and let it complement your living space with a completely stylish stand design. The uniquely styled Studio design gives you the ability to change your QLED TV turning it into a work of art. The Studio stand resembles an artist's easel with the ability to be the centre piece of any room.

Compatibility: Samsung QLED TVs: Q9F (65"), Q8C (55"/65"), Q7C (55", 65"), Q7F (55", 65")

Frame TV: LS003 (55"/65")

Dimension: 524mm (L) x 477.5mm (W) x 930.5mm (H)

Net Weight: 9.8 kg

Gross Weight: 12.3 kg

Sound Bracket: YES
Height Adjustment: NO

Front Stand AL
Rear Stand AL

Colour: Brown