iMP-Tech Combat Elite for PS5

Condition: New

Trigger Treadz controller grips have been specifically designed to increase gaming comfort, endurance and efficiency. The ergonomically textured rubber grips attach to your PS5 dual sense controller improving your grip and giving you a more competitive edge when it matters most. Included in this Pack are 2 x analogue thumb Treadz and 2 x trigger Treadz.

  • Combo Pack of analogue thumb stick covers and trigger grips for PS5 Dual sense controller
  • Reduces slippage and protects your analogue thumb sticks and triggers from wear and tear
  • Improved grip offers greater control and more accurate Targeting
  • Simple to apply and easy to remove without any residue
  • Includes 2 x Thumb Treadz and 2 x Trigger Treadz