Samsung UBD-M9000 Curved 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player

MSRP: £279.00
(You save £50.00 )
Condition: New

Bring Hollywood to life in your home and discover every detail of your favourite TV shows with a Certified Ultra HD Premium Blu-ray™ player that’s ready to work with the next-generation of content. With a Samsung 4K UHD Blu-Ray™ player, experience the best picture quality possible. See crystal clear content and enjoy unrivalled image quality with a resolution that’s 4 times higher than Full HD. Watch as colour bursts onto the screen with stunning brightness levels that turns watching your favourite titles into an experience. See the most realistic and accurate colours without compromising detail and stream all of your favourites to your mobile or tablet with ease. It’s even the perfect pair for any Samsung TV. Marvel at movies you’ve seen time and again then get easy access to built-in WiFi and explore a whole world of content. 

UHD Blu-ray™ Playback & HDR & Colour Technology
With Samsung’s Picture Technology, Hollywood is bought to life in your home like never before. Experience brightness and colour reproduced just as it was mastered for the film studio itself. Spend movie nights at the cinema and transport yourself deep into every moment without ever leaving your living room.

UHD Blu-ray™ Titles and Netflix
Discover every detail in the latest UHD Blu-ray™ titles, and make late-night Netflix and Amazon Instant Video marathons even more captivating in 4K HDR. With a Samsung Blu-ray™ player, every ordinary viewing moment becomes extraordinary with unrivalled image quality when playing back UHD Blu-ray™ discs with a mastered 1000 Nits of brightness. 

Smart Hub
Discover the customisable Smart Hub and tailor your content to suit you. Get quick access to Netflix or Youtube and stay just 3 clicks from your favourite content with the Launcher and Preview bars. 

BD Wise
The perfect partner for any Samsung UHD or FHD TV, the UBD-M9000 makes images come to life and puts you at the heart of every moment. Experience lifelike clarity, automatic adjustment to the optimum resolution and the best picture quality possible on a Samsung TV thanks to BD Wise.

Built-in Wi-Fi
Leave your worries about wires behind. Because the UBD-M9000 has built in Wi-Fi, you can enjoy instant easy access to all of your smart content. Just power on, connect to your wireless network and kick back with a wide range of entertainment that’s sure to make every night in special.