Samsung WMN-M13EA No-Gap wall Mount (49”-65” including QLED 8K)

Condition: New

No-Gap Wall Mount
Close is never enough. Using the No-Gap Wall Mount, QLED TVs mount flat against the wall in no time at all, leaving virtually no space. Mount the QLED 8K TV for the ultimate viewing experience.
*Measured from rear end of the TV, the gap may differ based on the installation and wall type. Not compatible with the Q6F and Q8D. The WMN-M13EA is for 49”- 65” QLED TVs. The WMN-M23EA is for 75" QLED TVs.

View from any position
Whether you're enjoying a movie from the sofa or sitting with your children watching cartoons on the floor, make sure your TV wall mount can be angled towards you.

Easy Installation
Effortlessly mount your QLED TV flush to your living room wall in no time at all. Adjust it horizontally, even after you have screwed into the wall. And tweak the angle to get it perfectly level after putting it up.

Design your space
Mount your TV to the wall with no gap. QLED TVs mount flat against the wall creating the perfect design for your space. Whether you're hanging your TV in the bedroom or pride of place in the living room, make sure your QLED TV has the ultimate fit.