Samsung UE55LS003 The Frame 55" TV with 4K HDR

MSRP: £1,999.00
(You save £700.00 )

Beautify your space
Because it looks like a real frame, The Frame enhances your space, wherever it is. The large screen offers a grand display for art, making it a striking sight - art or TV.

Customise to your style
The choice is yours when it comes to The Frame. Pick the ideal customisable bezel for your space, taste, or artwork—magnets make it simple to attach and detach for a different style.
*Each customisable bezel is sold separately.

The ideal way to appreciate art all day long
By detecting the ambient light, the Brightness Sensor automatically balances the screen’s brightness and colour tone for a natural illumination. So whether it’s day or night, you can see your art how it was meant to be seen.

It senses your presence
When you’re nearby, the Motion Sensor detects your presence and turns the screen on, so you can enjoy your favorite art while you’re in the room. When you leave, it turns off to save energy.

Hang it like a real frame
Installing The Frame is simple and quick, and you can tilt it down which is ideal for your TV viewing. With no gap at all from the wall The Frame looks gorgeous from all sides, it fits perfectly in your space.

Enjoy a clean view
Make better use of your space. With a single, near-invisible optical cable, you can connect all devices without any messy tangled wires. Connect almost invisibly.