Sony ICF-C1PJ Alarm Clock Radio With Projector

Condition: New

  • Digital AM/FM radio tuner with 10 presets
  • Gradual wake alarm and extendible snooze
  • Standard, dual alarm, and time projection functions
  • USB connection to charge your smartphone
  • Battery backup keeps time even if the power goes out

Time Projection
This clock radio projects the time onto the wall or ceiling. With adjustable projection angle and focus control, get the time image exactly where you want it and always sharp for perfect viewing.

Digital Tuner
Forget about manual tuning. With the digital tuner, you can easily find your favorite radio stations and quickly access 10 of them as presets (FM: 5, and AM: 5).

Phone charger
Enhanced clock radio featuring a USB connection that charges your smartphone. Never run out of battery!

No power, no problem
Wakes you up no matter what! Even if power is lost, the alarms still sound at the preset times.

Advanced alarm features
Clock radio with two different alarm settings. Wakes you up gently with the radio or sounds of nature. Progressive buzzer volume and extendible snooze functions are also available.

Stylish design
Elegant style with mirror-finished display. Definitely fits into your bedroom interior design.

Convenient device
Adjustable display brightness for comfortable viewing and automatic daylight saving time adjustment.

Battery backup
Automatic time setting when plugged in the first time, and clock remains accurate even if there is a power outage.