Sony SEL14TC 1.4x Teleconverter Lens for SEL70200GM


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  • Extends focal length of lens by 1.4x

  • Increase focal length without degrading resolution

  • A handy tool for minimizing gear

  • Compatible with a range of lenses

  • Compact alternative to bulky additional lenses


Extend your range by 1.4x

Extend your range by 1.4x

Multiplies the focal length of the lens used by 1.4x without degrading optical performance, AF speed and precision, or operability. Light loss with the teleconverter is approximately 1 stop. An ideal way to extend available focal length range for sports or wildlife photography without having to carry additional large, heavy lenses.

Compatible lenses

Compatible lenses

The SEL14TC teleconverter is currently compatible with the SEL70200GM lens only.